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Best hikes in Muskoka

Torrance Barrens

Encompassing 1,990 hectares (5,000 acres), the Torrance Barrens Conservation Reserve is one of the most striking geological areas in Muskoka. The unique landscape of the Torrance Barrens is characterized by low ridges of Precambrian bedrock, separated by wetland and peat-filled hollows. The Barrens is also the ideal place to view the pristine night skies and definitely a worthy nighttime adventure.

Hazelwood Trail

The historic Hazelwood Trail once linked Port Carling to Port Sandfield. The trail is named after the Hazelwoods, a pioneer family who settled on Lake Rosseau. The Hazelwoods took this trail to Port Carling. The trail includes some moderate to steep climbs through mature hardwood forests. Towards the end of the route, the trail runs beside a large beaver pond, well known for its thriving birdlife.

Hardy Lake Provincial Park Hiking Trails

The Hardy Lake Provincial Park Trails provide hiking access to the shores of both Hardy Lake and Lake Muskoka, two of the most picturesque, quintessentially Canadian shorelines around. If it is a genuine nature experience you are after, then the Hardy Lake Trails certainly deliver. Throughout the length of the trail, you are sure to encounter fascinating geological features, rugged forests, sweeping lakes, and the sights and sounds of wildlife.

Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail

People have been trekking the trail up Huckleberry Rock for well over 100 years, and it’s pretty evident why with the panoramic views you’re rewarded with from its lookout. Head out to see the incredible vantage for yourself, while also taking in amazing features like some of the oldest rocks in the world.

Fish Hatchery Trail

The Ministry of Natural Resources closed the fish hatchery in 1991, and the Fish Hatchery Trail was born. The trail passes by several varied terrains: meadows, deciduous forests, floodplain forests, river shorelines, and wetlands. Interpretive signs along the trail offer information and illustrations on different habitats, flora, and fauna of the area, along with advice on conservation techniques that preserve the natural heritage of Muskoka.

Walkers Point Lookout Trail

Walker’s Point Lookout is well known locally for its wonderful sweeping view of Lake Muskoka. This short and easy 1km trail offers the best views of Muskoka Lakes, highlighting rocks, trees, and a wide-open view of the water. The new lookout trail, known locally as Berry Mountain, was a long-time hidden gem of Muskoka Lakes.

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