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Why everyone is traveling to Muskoka

With domestic travel at an all-time high, the advantages of exploring the beauty of your own backyard have never been more apparent. Muskoka is the perfect place to escape the congestion of urban life and take a deep breath of fresh air while enjoying some of the most picturesque views our country has to offer….

Top places to eat and drink in Muskoka

Bevregino Port Carling’s Bevregino offers fresh florals, curated goods, catering, and a gourmet marketplace serving up a variety of tasty grab-and-go options and made-to-order cappuccinos, smoothies, and enticing food options. Surrounded by lush greenery and boasting a picturesque back patio overlooking the lake, it’s super easy to pop in and grab a coffee and croissant,…

Best hikes in Muskoka

Torrance Barrens Encompassing 1,990 hectares (5,000 acres), the Torrance Barrens Conservation Reserve is one of the most striking geological areas in Muskoka. The unique landscape of the Torrance Barrens is characterized by low ridges of Precambrian bedrock, separated by wetland and peat-filled hollows. The Barrens is also the ideal place to view the pristine night…