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Tend is a concierge service and luxury property rental company specializing in managing and promoting exclusive properties in Muskoka and Collingwood. We provide bespoke luxury services for property owners and property renters while cultivating lasting relationships amongst our clients. TEND delivers the peace of mind our clients require and our team members strive to work hard for everything our clients have worked so hard for. Our passion to TEND to our clients every need and desire ensures we hire the best, live our vision and values, and create excellent guest experiences. We continue to go above and beyond to provide an intimate and attentive experience for all property partners, guests and service providers. Our attentive care for your investment is our number one priority. Our dedicated Guest Experience Manager will remain a direct point of contact for each guest to build a unique relationship and experience for their stay based on their needs and preferences. Our property management team is accessible and on-call to care for our properties and all of our renter’s needs. We work exclusively with a wide range of top tier local partners to ensure quality service beyond expectations for our property partners and guests.


Our TEND Management team is composed of individuals who possess skills in various areas of expertise, including luxury rentals, hospitality services, operations, live events, guest experience and more. We bring seasoned entrepreneurial skills to create a unique and intuitive operation. Our wide range of backgrounds and experiences with high end client management, bring us together as an exclusive and sophisticated team of professionals to meet and exceed all of our clients expectations.

Andy MilovanovicPresident/Co-Founder

As Co-founder and President of TEND, Andy brings a reliable, service based approach to all TEND clients. His familiarity with the region and ability to deliver consistent connections, create a synergy beyond expectation; the TEND experience.

TEND Services was founded with the experience in mind. Growing up with a family cottage in Haliburton, Ontario, Andy turned his summer passion for water sports into a successful business. Co-founding Muskoka Wake in 2011 after working as a semi-professional wakeboard athlete, Andy has been the visionary behind many unforgettable experiences over the last decade.
Andy is the owner of a rental property on Lake Muskoka, where he experiences the rental management processes and pressures first hand. Andy is also an owner of multiple Muskoka commercial properties and businesses and is a recognized professional in the area. He has established rapport with local residents and seasonal cottagers alike and brings a robust knowledge of quality services, combined with intimate knowledge of the surrounding areas and amenities.
His aim is to build trust with any TEND endeavour; recognizable as an all inclusive and considerate concierge provider, defined by access to superior quality properties and experiences. By sharing his exclusive access with the TEND family and continually fostering strong relationships and repeat clients, Andy builds on the foundation of TEND Services and his passion for the area, creating lifelong memories and extraordinary experiences.


Michael HornerManaging Director, Luxury Rentals

As Managing Director of Luxury Rentals, Michaels astute and professional approach to the TEND rental process is thorough and considerate.

Michael is a cottage owner and has been cottaging in the Muskoka area since childhood. His professional experiences as co-founder of two successful Toronto based event and hospitality businesses, XL Lifestyle and Cravings Food Co. and expansive knowledge of the Muskoka property market make Michael an indispensable part of the TEND process. Michael’s role as Managing Director lies in overseeing the rental aspects of the business and entails building client and property relationships. Michael serves as liaison for property owners and brings his professional experience to the process in order to facilitate all aspects of any TEND experience.
Michaels hospitality and business expertise lend confidence to effective service delivery and he focuses on establishing and maintaining strong relationships with owners to ensure satisfaction and generate feedback. Michael’s personable nature and keen ability to strategize effective sales processes for property owners, sees him consistently booking clients and applying his knowledge and enthusiasm for the local real estate market.
Michael handles all inbound properties and focuses on relationship building through personal contact with owners and affiliates. His affinity for effective service and focusing on the highest quality TEND experience, gives property owners security and confidence in any decision around their properties.


Kyle SloopkaManaging Director, Concierge Services

Kyle brings 15 years of experience in high performance client management and hospitality leadership roles to the TEND team.

As former Director of Operations for Chase Hospitality Group, Kyle demonstrates his professional acumen of leadership and mentorship within the TEND team. Kyle brings a strong desire to embody the TEND values and provide the ultimate in all guest experiences. Kyle’s strong corporate background and proven proficiency in large scale deliverables ensure the success of any TEND concierge experience.
Over the last few years, Kyle has overseen 35M worth of business, helped open 8 new concepts in Toronto and Miami over 7 years, served as General Manager to multiple large scale restaurants, held a seat on the executive leadership team, managed 500 Canadian employees and after several nominations, was recognized as one of The Ontario Hostelry Institute’s Top 30 Under 30 in 2017.
Kyle’s ingenuity, unique perspective and motivation to be a gracious host translate immediately to the hospitality and service offerings by TEND. His intuitive approach and uncanny abilities in anticipating guests’ needs, bring sophistication and polish to the journey.
A true “hospitalitarian”, Kyle’s experience in hosting and guest enjoyment provides immeasurable value for the TEND guest. His vast network of professional chefs and proven success developing businesses from the ground up are strategically utilized to add value to any TEND experience.


Michelle OwensGuest Experience Manager

Michelle brings her entrepreneurial and global travel experiences to show as the front of house guest experiences manager.

Operating as the principal liaison between clients and guest services, Michelle ensures that the memories made through TEND will last a lifetime. As founder of MO&CO Events, Michelle’s experience planning and executing weddings, large scale corporate and institutional events, solidify her crucial role as TEND Guest Experience Manager. Her passion for hospitality and client satisfaction make her the perfect person to manage every aspect of your experiences with TEND. Michelle coordinates between rentals and front of house, and considers quality relationships the key to quality services. Acting as itinerary planner, Michelle’s role in the experience side of the rentals is paramount.
Michelle’s background in sales and operations, public speaking, volunteering and fundraising and experience hosting a travel show and blog have created a dynamic and team based attitude; working well with a team is what Michelle thrives on. The focus on client communication and forward facing customer interactions are what Michelle is passionate about. Michelle works to understand dynamics, specific client needs and expectations and plays to her greatest strengths of listening and observing, to deliver TEND experiences with transparency and enhanced personal relationships.


Christine LawlerOffice Coordinator

Christine brings over 10 years experience in HR and professional administrative positions to skillfully oversee and manage the administration and client relations for TEND services.

Managing company administration and efficiently handling both staff and client operations, Christine plays an integral role in the successful delivery and execution of all TEND services.
Originally from Ontario, Christine’s experiences have taken her around the world and back, and have provided the framework for world class communication. As the coordinator for the wellness and cleaning services of TEND, Christine’s attention to detail and conscientious approach ensure a continuous and attentive client experience.
With her familiarity of Muskoka and surrounding areas, ample wellness resources, reliable cleaning service providers and strong team mentality, Christine is the uniting force behind the TEND business operations. Christine’s personable and diligent propensity sets the tone for TEND client interactions by facilitating seamless staff and client communications.
Christine ensures TEND clientele enjoy elevated levels of comfort and convenience. Christine’s natural role in developing and fostering the quality controls from within the office for staff and client communications provides a consistent level of service, defined by time efficiency, efficacy of contact and a client who knows exactly how they will achieve their objectives.


Dale HallmanProperty Manager

Founder and owner of Beckendale Services in Port Carling, Dale Hallman brings considerable expertise and leadership to TEND property management.

With 9 years of extensive property management experience, managing over 21 properties, Dale is an extremely valuable asset to the TEND team, providing absolute peace of mind and trust when it comes to your property.
Dale is well versed in the varied aspects of maintaining large scale, seasonal or rental specific properties, including cottage check ins, watercraft and dock maintenance, groundskeeping, flower and garden care, snow removal, brush removal, minor to major property repairs, as well as any other tasks that come with consistent or specialized property upkeep. As TEND Property Manager, Dale ensures the level of care consistent with client expectations.
Dale’s experience with Muskoka property care has generated a thorough knowledge of the landscape and natural environment, as well as the local resources and contacts necessary to deliver consistent service year round. The TEND commitment to quality service is evident in each and every property aspect Dale manages.


Rebecca HallmanGardening and Grounds Specialist

Rebecca is a Port Carling local with nearly a decade of experience in property management, maintenance and horticultural design.

Rebecca has an exceptional eye for detail and strong creative instincts when it comes to flora and this is evident in her landscaping. Rebecca has a keen personal interest and love for gardening and made a career out of it in early 2012. She has a thorough knowledge of gardening techniques, local plants and all types of flowers.
As Gardening and Grounds Specialist, she works closely with the TEND team of employees to provide guests with the ambiance of their dreams. Design accuracy and attention to detail is always achieved and lovingly maintained.
Rebecca’s horticultural knowledge and familiarity with the area ensure that the most successful decisions are made concerning the planning and care of your TEND property or grounds services. Maintaining properties year round is an essential aspect to annual or seasonal enjoyment and planning and articulating your grounds for the long term gives even more reasons to enjoy. Rebecca’s top quality service and client satisfaction lend itself to a well cared for, thoughtful landscape and beautiful delivery of the TEND experience.


FEATURED rentals

Kingsett Cottage

A beautifully new build cottage featuring and open concept layout located on South-West Lake Rosseau.


$10,375 - $18,750 / week

Prices start at: $10,375 for 7 nights (+taxes and fees)

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Misty Morning

A stunning Lake Rosseau new build located on a gorgeous piece of classic Muskoka shoreline. Misty Morning has South-West views with all-day sun and breathtaking sunsets.


$30,375 - $49,500 / week

Prices start at: $124,875 for 27 nights (+taxes and fees)

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What our clients are saying about us

I booked a birthday party for my husband with Tend and the whole process was very smooth. They allowed me to be as hands on as I wanted to in the planning process but took care of everything down the the very last details. It was great to be able to fully enjoy the party and not have to play host. Thank-you Tend.

Angela H.

Michelle and the Tend staff were very responsive and accommodating. The whole team from booking to activities to departure were genuinely invested in making our vacation the best it could be.

The Bruce Family

One of our favourite family vacations to date. Thank you Tend.

Kalya H.

Thank you Tend Services for the most amazing vacation! We rented a beautiful cottage that worked out perfectly. Very relaxing and luxurious. We also booked a water sports day and a private chef through Tend and loved every minute of it. Overall, a great 2 weeks.

Aaron C.